Editorial Policies

Black metal theory is the practice of the mutual blackening of theory and metal, and thus pushes the limits of contemporary academic genres by definition. In recognition of this, the editors welcome not only proposals for articles, but also for non-, para-, and proto-academic works, including commentaries, fragments, and visuals. We wish to encourage engagement in black metal theory by whatever means necessary. For specific information on  our requirements for a given volume, please see the Forthcoming page.

Peer Review Process

The editors will review all proposals to establish appropriateness for the journal. Drafts of acceptable proposals are then requested and double-blind reviewed. The review process generally takes approximately two months.


Pursuant to our goal of publishing works which stretch or fall outside the limits of the prevailing academic genre (i.e. the essay), we wish to encourage the submission of artworks that engage with and in black metal theory. These works are curated specially according to guidelines published in the CFA for each volume.

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